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Wikipedia Citations Database, Version 2

Part of the Internet Archive's Turn All References Blue Project.

This Wikibase models relationships between Wikipedia articles and other resources, such as web resources, journal articles, and books.

Wikidata models conceptual objects and associates those objects with Wikipedia articles. In this Wikibase, the Wikipedia articles are the objects, considered equivalent to other web resources.

This Wikibase does not use Wikidata properties via property federation, which distinguishes it from its predecessor, Version 1.

Projected size

This Wikibase will eventually hold all Wikipedia articles and all the references. We are estimating it will hold >500 mio. items and >5bn. statements eventually.

English Wikipedia alone receives ~6 edits/second (to all pages) so this Wikibase will be updated at a little lower than that rate because we only edits to articles, and we will have an update delay of 1 minute (we will only update an article once a minute no matter how many edits was done in the past minute since last update).

Software infrastructure

The infrastructure to update this Wikibase lives at


Sandbox Wikibase

Until the framework is stable we edit in IA-sandbox Wikibase.